Procedures for using a plastic granulator

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The purpose of standardizing the operation of the low-speed plastic granulator and the maintenance of the equipment is to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, prolong its life, reduce maintenance costs, and improve production efficiency.

1. Turn the power on one at a time, choose the temperature, and check to see if the heating is working properly.

2. Check the oil level and lubrication state of each gear oil, engine oil, and high-temperature butter. Clean the hopper and other units, the water intake and outflow pipes. A new machine's gear oil should be changed at least every six months, and lubricating oil should be added to the working parts at least once every week.

3. After the temperature reaches the target level, prepare the components and turn on the main motor in turn.

4. The temperature of the extruder must reach the predetermined temperature. The cleaning material or residue in the raw material cleaning screw can only be added once the feeding device is turned on. Once the new material is extruded, the extrusion is suspended, and the filter plate and mold are swiftly and securely put in place. head. Just close the die head before starting the granulator's main screw motor. In order to prevent the hard material from the die head from being blocked, bursting, and injuring people, the operator is currently far away from the die head. The locking connection between the cutting knife rest and the grain cutting cover.

⒌ After the above operations are in place, turn on all fans, vibrating screens, granulators, and hosts in sequence.

6. During routine granulation, change the granulator and alter the particle size using frequency conversion. Before the screw is discharged, the granulator must rotate continuously. If it is water-cooled spray granulation, the granulation cover must be filled with water first, and finally the main machine is turned on for formal production.

⒎ Start the extrusion host and adjust the frequency conversion speed of the host and the granulator according to the particle size requirements slowly and quickly. The cut particles can only be more uniformly distributed, and the particle output can only be increased, when the two are coordinated.

8. The operation sequence of stopping the operation is the opposite of that of starting the production operation. First cut off the drive of the main engine, then turn off the power supply to the auxiliary machines in turn, and finally clean the die head rapidly to prevent the cooling blockage of the die head. Holes and filter plates must be completely cleared before they can be installed and produced again (otherwise,  the die head may explode due to clogging).

All of the operating guidelines for low-speed plastic granulator are listed above in order to guarantee the equipment's smooth operation and increase production efficiency.

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