Reasons for the low casting price of silica sol castings

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Lost wax casting is simply copying the object to be cast, applying wax, then dipping it into gravel or powder, letting it dry, and then covering the wax museum with a film of sand. Repeat this process until the outer membrane is sufficient to support the fluidity process. The wax in the mold is then melted, and the mold is pulled out. For characters, the mold must be heated several times to increase its hardness before it can be used for casting. This method has high precision, but due to the high price of sand or powder and the complicated production of multiple heating, the cost is high.

The surface roughness of the products cast by the silica sol investment casting can reach RA3.2~6.3. Since the billet is almost formed, it can avoid machining or very little processing, which reduces the cost and production time to a certain extent. Differences in the manufacturing process lead to great differences in the final product. Compared with the products produced by the water glass process, the products produced by the silica sol process have more specification accuracy and a stronger surface roughness. From the perspective of finished products, it actually reduces the cost. This is why the cost of silica sol casting is relatively low.

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