What should I do if the UV manicure lamp blackens my hands?

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The UV manicure lamp is essential for curing the gel. UV lamps, CCFL lamps, and LED lamps are currently popular nail lamps. The abbreviation for ultraviolet lamp is UV lamp. UV lamps that are commonly used in manicure are hot cathode fluorescent lamps that emit UVA (long-wave ultraviolet rays). Long-wave ultraviolet rays can penetrate deep into the dermis and cause skin melanin, resulting in dark, dry skin!

What should I do to keep my hands from blackening?

1. Use an LED or UV+LED lamp.

LED light is visible light with a wavelength of 400mm-500mm, the same as regular lighting light, and it is safe for human skin and eyes. LED lamps, on the other hand, are more energy-efficient than UV lamps and have a shorter illumination time, but they are also slightly more expensive. LED lights do not cause melanin precipitation on the skin, and they are not as hot as UV lights, so they do not burn hands and feet. The UV+LED lamp is a new type of phototherapy lamp that has the advantages of long service life, low power, low heat generation, more stable ultraviolet source, and stronger penetrating ability. As a result, it will have little effect on dry skin.

2. Monitor the aging of the lamp tube and replace it as needed.

Take note that the UV lamp's service life will also have an effect! After more than 5 months of use, the ultraviolet light emitted by the lamp becomes unstable, so each lamp must be replaced before 6 months of use.

3. Pay attention to the lighting duration.

If the UV manicure lamp is left on for too long, skin melanin will appear, so we must monitor the operation time.

UV 120 seconds/LED 60 seconds for primer

UV glue: 60 seconds/LED glue: 30 seconds

UV120 seconds/LED60 seconds for the sealing layer

UV180 seconds/LED90 seconds wash-free sealing layer

4. Perform well in hand care.

Apply hand cream to the back of the hand and every joint of the fingers before and after each UV light operation to replenish the moisture of the hands and keep them from becoming too dry!

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