The Brief Introduction to Mini Sand Suction Dredgers

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After a decade of development and growth, Milestone dredger company successfully exported equipment to Nigeria, Kazakhstan, Chad, Indonesia, and other countries and regions. Customers particularly appreciate and praise the hydraulic cutter suction dredger for inland river dredging. Milestone dredger company is dedicated to providing the best dredging solutions on the market to our customers.

The cutter suction dredger uses the rotating reamer to loosen the soil at the bottom of the river, mixes it with water to form mud, sucks it into the pump body through the mud suction pipe, and sends it to the mud discharge area through the mud discharge pipe. Our Mini Sand Suction Dredger is a popular type of dredging equipment for river, lake, and reservoir dredging projects. Mini Sand Suction Dredgers are designed by senior engineers who have spent years specializing in ship building and dredging work to ensure they are well-designed and practical.

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