Drilling Tapping Compound Machine

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Quanzhou Yueli Automation has developed from a simple assembly manufacturing industry to be a machining manufacturer which collects research and development, production, sales and service. It owns CNC gantry rail grinder machine, boring mill, milling, digging, polishing compound machine and other advanced testing equipment. Our company product sales, service network throughout the China national market, exports to foreign countries and regions.

We continue to innovate and strive for perfection in our products. We are  professional on quality, focus on the spirit, dedicated service to acquire the perennial support and profound affection from our customers.In the future, we will continue to pay attention to the needs of users, constantly improve the professional level, improve the quality of science and technology, with quality to win the market, we willing to join hands in creating our brilliant future.

The Drilling tapping compound machine is Sliding sleeve type double spindle manual feed unit, Korean imported pneumatic transmission worktable. The table adopts pneumatic device and hydraulic buffer positioning, moving, positioning accuracy is high. Eliminates the old-fashioned equipment easy to appear the screw thread does not malfunction. 

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